L’Image in der Schweiz | L’Image en Suisse | L’Image in Svizzera

L’IMAGE erweitert sein Vertriebsnetz in der Schweiz mit JGH Professional, der Schweizer Plattform für Artisan Stylisten und Friseure.

L’IMAGE expands its distribution network in Switzerland with JGH Professional, the Swiss platform for artisan stylists and hairdressers.

Why L’Image? There is no questioning the style, quality & complete range. L’Image heads are used by the most creative hairdressers, the most demanding brands & schools and by hairdressers, worldwide, that desire the best for their creativity.

With the expansion of the L’Image distribution network, through us here at JGH Professional, Swiss customers will benefit from a local partner, able to show you the range, answer your questions & deliver quickly.

Always our goal is to bring you international artisan tools, with ease of supply & transparent costs.

All our prices include tax, transport & more often than not a little surprise!

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Showing 1–24 of 57 results